Peace Day September 21st


These are 5 important issues that CAC looks after in order to preserve peace in our school:

  1. Communicate and interact respectfully
  2. Seek peaceful solutions to conflict
  3. Engage in democratic, collaborative decision making
  4. Practice empathy, compassion and forgiveness
  5. Work to sustain our environment

The International Relation students meet the 3rd Grade Class

In relation to Peace Day, we, the international relations class, went to the 3rd grade class in the Elementary Building. We spent three periods with them. The first period we met them and made an anagram with the word PEACE. That day i met a little girl named Zeinab. I remember she called me from the other side of the classroom to go sit with her. The next time we met, we had prepared presentations about the atomic bomb dropped by the United States in Hiroshima in 1945. The 3rd grade class presented to us the story of Sadako and the thousand paper cranes that is about a girl who died from leuchemia as a consequence of the radiation of the atomic bomb dropped at Hiroshima, and believed that if she made a thousand paper cranes she would get cured. The last time we went, we learned how to do paper cranes just like Sadako did hoping that it would save her life.
At the end we had some reflections with the kids about what we learnt from this experience, how to preserve peace in our school, home, country and in our world. We concluded that peace is not only "not fighting" its also being in armony with our environment, respect each other, building relationships within our community and with other communities, making decisions using a democratic way, and lastly but not less important, is being in peace with ourselves. Most if not all of these things were put in action during our time with the 3rd grade class: we respected each other, shared and made bonds with the elementary kids, and learned from them and with them. This experienced touched me, especially after I met Zeinab, the little girl and became friends with her. After I left the 3rd grade class on that day, I definitely felt happy and peaceful thanks to that extraordinary experience. In addition, it makes me feel that we are actually doing something to preserve peace, if communities do small things to create meaningful bonds between each other, a more peaceful atmosphere would be accomplished in every side of the world. You can make the difference!

DSC00059.JPG DSC00067.JPG P E A C E !
DSC00083.JPG DSC00108.JPG "News report" of the Hiroshima bomb.DSC00115.JPG Sadako Story by the 3rd grade class.
DSC00167.JPG My new friend Zeinab! =)

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does" -William James-

external image books_sadako_detail.jpg external image statue2.gif external image 7hiro-18.jpg

Sadako's Story Sadako statue

Spirit Week

On thursday Sept, 20th, we all had to wear white shirt to honor the peace day as well as to get counted to recieve points for our class on Spirit Week.

Making the Peace Sign

During first break, the whole High School, joined in the field forming a Peace Sign while Mr. Prentice took a picture of us from the upper floor of the High School building.

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