After vising the third grade classes i came to the conclusion that creating lasting peace comes first from each and every individual, peace on the small scale will eventually lead to world peace. World peace will prevail only when everyone agrees to be peaceful when everyone decides to contribute to make peace, only then will we have peace. This is also why it is so hard to have world peace because it is impossible for every single individual to be peaceful, and the sad thing is that only a couple of people can spur violence, only two or three people can disturb peace, only one president can decide to stand in the way of peace. This idea stresses on the profound effect each and every individual can make, the difference YOU can make. Every peaceful action you take is a step towards world peace, likewise every unpeaceful action you take is an obstacle to lasting peace!
Where will you stand?

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Peace i think is everyone's birthright, no one should be condemned to a life of violence and fear.
Bieng able to guide a peaceful life is the simplest and the most important of all human rights.
Defend your rights and stand up for world peace!
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Putting a smile on these kid's faces was really sometrhing special. Peace starts here, these are the first tiny steps that lead to peace. Is was amazing to see people from so many different places , so many different backgrounds, coming together for one cause creating peace.