This picture was taken by Bob Prentice. For peace day the whole high school lined up in the shape of a piece symbol.


This is one of our first visits with the third grader we designed and created peace posters.


I do not want the peace which passeth understanding. I want the understanding which bringeth peace.
- Helen Keller

"In the goodness of time, all peoples will come to live together in a peace guaranteed by the binding force of mutual respect and love."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower

In our International relations class we collaborated with the 3rd grade. We worked together, bonded, and learned things from each other. The 3rd graders already had an idea about the atomic bomb but I believe that they learned more facts and details because of our visits. The most suprising thing I learned was how this class and most all elementary classes were dealing so closely with this issue of peace. I was aware that they were learning a lot about it but I had no idea it was to this extent. This suprised me because i don't think the high school deals as much with this vital issue as the elementary does.The kids are so passionate and enthusiastic about peace and we need to bring those feelings to an older generation. I already knew about what the atomic bomb was and that it had disastrous effects, but i didn't really grasp the emotional part of it. The third graders read a special book about a girl who was affected by the bomb and after they explained it to me I was able to comprehend the message and the feelings that went along with it from their reactions and expressions.

After leaving their class i was faced with several questions, like, how can we spread this message of peace? I understand that there is already a lot of ways it is being spread, such as through peace day or the UN, but how can we make younger generations and the voice of the youth understand? How can we work together with many different ages? How do we break the wall between everyone and work together to bring peace in the world? I think the main issue involves not only the ability to get along but the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

The only way to ever make the world safe from nuclear weapons is by somehow getting this message of peace to world leaders. Hopefully there will be a day in the future where an alliance is formed - not only between two countries but every single country in the world. Instead of fighting each other with weapons we should work together fighting poverty, crime, pollution, and violence by educating the younger generation. With these ideas anything is possible.

I learned that if we are ever really going to be able to resolve conflict in the world we must get organized. The message of peace must be spread through to every country and every person. There is no way to face this issue if no one knows what's going on. To resolve conflict we must organize events, rallys, meetings - peace day is just the beginning. Everyone must be educated about peace. In this aspect ignorence is not a blessing. We must all get along. We have to be the example the world needs to see and we have to start now. Working together with an elementary school is just the start. Collaborating with this class enabled us to kick off our fight towards peace. Working with them will move us towards a more peaceful community becuase we are setting an example for the rest of the school. These bonds and this new partnership will be the cause for the rest of the community to form a more peaceful community.

This dove is one of many symbols of peace
The third graders read this book and we discussed the issues together

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