Peace Day 2007 at CAC

At September 21st, the peace day, we visited 3rd grade students to spend sometime with them. we made a Origami for 3rd graders, and it was really fun even for us to make the paper crane. and it was really satisfying to look at young children's smiling faces. it took us while to finish the paper crane, and after that we went through short review on the book "SADAKO". story was very interesting, it was about the girl who got injured by nuclear bomb, and thousands paper cranes that she's trying to make. even though we are high schoolers we learned much about Hiroshima and nuclear bomb from the third graders. It good to see young kids laughing and playing happily each other and it made me think it would be better if all the children around the world do same thing as these kids.


What do we need to do to make peace?

Whoever watch this picture will wonder why this young child has to lying on the ground holding the gun in his small hand. does he even have any idea what is the meaning of his doing? why can he not spend his childhood, going school and playing with friends in amusement park like other young children of the world. what made him like that? and i am so sure that is because world is lack of peace?
then ask your selves what do we need to do to make peace, to make this young kid's childhood happy and full of smile.


Peaceful Prayers

Let there be peace in the world.
Let us all see peace and not war.
Let us all have peace in the world.
Let all our statesmen know no violence,
Let all love peace with warm vehemence,
Let all be clothed with passionate patience,
Let all respect peace with real reverence.
Let peace pervade every political terrain,
Let peace calm the spirits of every domain,
Let peace be at peace with every reign,
Let each achieve peace with poor pain.
Peace, to you we plead: come to us.
Peace, we entreat you: deign on us.
Peace, we want you: envelope us.
Let our homes be adorned with peace,
Let our streets be paved with peace,
Let our cities be set on a hilltop of peace.
Let peace taint our every thought.
Let there be peace, let peace never cease
Let there be peace, let war forever cease.

By Jude Ogunade

IMAGE: 2007 sep 29 3.00 PM
MEDIA: (Peace one day, Music video) 2007 sep 29 2.28 PM
Poem : 2007 sep 29 3.10 PM