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Cite your sources.

Go to Citation Machine and use this form to cite web pages resources in MLA style.
Here is the sample, demonstrated in class:

Arana, Marie . "Through the Eyes of the Condor." National Geographic. 13 Sep 2007,

RUBRIC for Peace Day wiki*

A grade work
The wiki page:
clearly explains how information relates to Peace Day and why students included it
uses student’s own words and cites all sources in MLA format
is well designed and creative
is edited carefully and has no mistakes
is thoughtfully written and very interesting
provides evidence of sufficient effort

B grade work
The wiki page:
relates information to Peace Day and mentions why students included it
mostly uses own words and cites most sources in MLA format
is clearly laid out and attractive
has a few mistakes in mechanics
is interesting and well written
shows evidence of satisfactory effort

C grade work
The wiki page:
does not relate presented information to Peace Day and does not explain why students included it
does not always use own words and many citations are missing
is not very clear or well designed
has too many mistakes in mechanics
is straightforward and rather simplistic
has not had sufficient effort put into it

*taken largely from HS International Relations class rubric by J. Popinchalk

Rubric brainstorming:

What makes an excellent webpage for this wiki? (ideas for rubric)

  • put all text in your own words - NO block copy and paste from other websites
  • Put links from your words to the websites that you're talking about
  • embed a video but include why you are embedding - before or after video - include graphics - explain why
  • cite your sources using Citation Machine